If you know someone who is a Brother Mason, ask him about the membership, We love talking to those interested in Masonry, that's why we use the acronym 2B1ASK1


Try to find out when the next meet and greet open to family and friends. Take this as an opportunity to meet some of the members and ask questions. Don’t be intimidated, they’ll be happy to met you. Most lodges have family picnics, charity events, family outing and guests are almost always welcome to attend. In many areas more than one lodge may exist. It is key to get familiar with many as you can can to get a feel for which one would best suit you.


Request a petition from a Mason or from the lodge you would like to join. If you are ready to start your journey Contact Us. An application can be downloaded here.


Turn in your completed petition to the lodge you would like to join. Ask if there are any fees that need to accompany the application . The application will be turned into the lodge. It will be read during the meeting then pass to the investigation committee.


The Master of the lodge will hand over your application to the investigation committee of the lodge who will interview you and investigate your background. The investigators may want to meet with you in person. There is a standard set of questions that the committee must ask, but may ask additional questions. Speak from the heart and be honest with the committee. No Mason is perfect…we don’t expect petitioners to be perfect, either.


Once the committee completes their investigation they will report finding to the lodge. Their reports along with their recommendation will be read at the lodge meeting. The Master of the lodge will call for a vote to on your application. Lodge members will then vote on your application and the outcome of the ballot will be announced at the meeting. After the vote you will be contacted with the outcome and additional information will be provided.

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